Jaeil Ahn
Tenure Line -- Assistant Professor

Hongbin Fang
Tenure Line -- Associate Professor

Edmund Gehan
Emeritus Faculty

Valeriy R Korostyshevskiy
Assistant Professor

Xin Li
SOM Research Track -- Assistant Professor; Assistant Professor of Bioinformatics

George Luta
Assistant Professor

Kepher H Makambi
Associate Professor

Ming T. Tan
Chair, Biostatistics & Bioinformatics; Professor of Biostatisitcs and Bioinformartics

Hongkun Wang
Associate Professor

Xiaogang Zhong
SOM Research Track -- Instructor


Chiranjeev Dash
SOM Research Track -- Assistant Professor

Anca D Dragomir
Assistant Professor on the Research Track

Ophir Frieder
Professor and Chair

Christopher A Loffredo
Associate Professor of Oncology & Biostatistics; Professor of Oncology and Biostatistics, Program Leader,Cancer Prevention and Control

Michael William Plankey
Assistant Professor on the Research Track

Rochelle E Tractenberg
Associate Professor; Associate Professor with tenure, Neurology; Biostatistics, Bioinformatics & Biomathematics; and Psychiatry Director, Collaborative for Research on Outcomes and -Metrics http://crom.gumc.georgetown.edu


Limin Clegg
GUMC Adjunct -- Professor

Rajaram Gana
GUMC Adjunct -- Instructor

Colin O. Wu
GUMC Adjunct -- Professor