Alumni Outcomes

Open doors to career opportunities across sectors and organizations as well as access to amazing Biostatistics Alumni.

A chart of MS-BSTE alumni 2016-2021 with known employment or degree destinations, identified via surveys and/or web search. Of 118 alumni, 78% were employed: 22% in Academia, 20% in BioPharma, 14% in Healthcare, 8% in Consulting, 7% in Government/Policy, 2% in Business, 4% Other. 22% were pursuing advanced degrees: 21% Ph.D., 1% DPM.

Upon completion of the Master’s in Biostatistics program, the majority of our students have found full-time positions at private, non-profit organizations, and government agencies. Others have gone on to pursue further graduate education in PhD programs or MD programs.

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Career Opportunities

Read this 2009 article from the New York Times that accurately predicted the popularity of statistics in the workforce.

#1 Degree for Jobs

According to Forbes magazine in 2016, Biostatistics-related jobs are projected to grow by 23% by 2024, making the Master’s in Biostatistics the #1 graduate degree to pursue.

How to begin the job search?

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