Consulting Services

We offer biostatistical and bioinformatics consulting and collaboration covering a broad range of study design, statistical analysis and data science issues including experimental design for preclinical investigations, clinical trials, population studies, and Big Data analytics (e.g., predictive & risk modeling, statistical analysis of next generation sequence data and omics data). 

We are actively involved in cutting edge work in cancer research, neurological disorders, epidemiological studies, as well as in statistical and bioinformatics methods research and development projects.  We can collaborate with you in writing and implementing competitive project proposals involving methodological and software development.

Consulting services are available to both the Georgetown University community and researchers not affiliated with Georgetown University.

Areas of Expertise

Animal Studies, Basic Science, Cancer Control, Clinical Trials, Databases, Bioinformatics, Transcriptomics, Proteomics, Epidemiology, Mathematical Modeling, Genomics, and Metabolomics.

– We collaborate with principal investigators of all four LCCC Research Programs.
– We are closely involved in the work of many GUMC departments and programs.
– We are members of research teams in other national institutions and non–profit research organizations.
– We are supported as co-investigators on numerous grants and contracts.
– We are co-authors on a number of peer-reviewed publications, conference presentations, books and book chapters.

Examples of Consulting Services

In our consulting work, statistical issues are considered at all levels of investigation from the design to the conduct of experiments, maintenance of data quality, and the analysis and interpretation of results. 

– Assist in the design and conduct of experiments.
– Provide statistical and bioinformatics analysis and support .
– Develop biostatistical and computational methods or techniques to analyze experiment data.
– Data analysis and interpretation of results.
– Help with abstracts and manuscripts.
– Assist with grant proposals and letters of support.

Types of Consultations

Consulting services are available to both Georgetown University community and researchers not affiliated with Georgetown.  We operate under both collaborative and fee-for-service models, and are happy to work with investigators to find a solution that fits their needs and budget.  

Fee-For-Service Contract Consulting
– Assisting with an abstract or a manuscript, statistical analyses, short term contract, etc.

Percent-Effort (Grant) Collaboration
– Long-term collaboration on a large grant or proposal, etc.

Complimentary (Georgetown University Only)
– General questions,  analytical advice for a research study project, etc.

Charged Consultation Services

Consulting fees are hourly based on the Georgetown and Non-Georgetown University Consulting Fees Chart.  

To Request Consultation, submit a Project Request Form.

Fill out relevant sections of the form depending on the type of collaboration sought.  
– Fee-for-Service: Assisting with an abstract or a manuscript, short term contract, etc.
– Percent-Effort: Long-term collaboration on a large grant or proposal, etc.

Be as inclusive and complete as possible in your answers on the form. 

Once we receive your request, someone will connect you with a consultant within two (2) business days. 

For cost estimates/quotes for your project, please email us at after submitting a Project Request Form

Complimentary Consultations

One-Hour Complimentary Consultation (Georgetown University Only)

The one-hour (up to 60 minutes) complimentary service is available only to members of GU community by appointment, every Monday 1-2pm. Service is limited to one appointment per person/group per semester.  Appointments can be used to address general statistical questions on data or analysis issues in a research study project, etc.

Please be advised that any work beyond one-hour (60 minutes) will incur a fee.  All fees are hourly, based on our Georgetown University Consulting Fees Chart. Request an appointment in advance as space feels up quickly.

To request Complimentary Consultation, email

Please include the following in your email:
► Email Subject: “Complimentary Consultation”
► Contact Information (Name, email & phone)
► Working Title & Brief Description of the Question  (e.g. one paragraph) 
► Type of Assistance Requested
► Stage of the Project (e.g. planning, design, data collection, etc.)
► Supporting data, if available (e.g. spreadsheets, manuscript draft, etc.)

NOTE: If urgent consulting assistance is required and no immediate opening for a complimentary consultation is available, the consultation will be charged the hourly fee.  See above section for details.