Department Faculty

Faculty & Staff (Ao Yuan, Hongbin Fang, James Li, Jaeil Ahn, Christopher Loffredo, Simina Boca; Minnie An, Kepher Makambi, Ming Tan, Valeriy Korostyshevskiy, Simon Zhong, Ruzong Fan, Robert Beckman, Veronica Chiu)

Faculty (Primary Appointment)

FacultyTitleResearch AreasContact
Jaeil Ahn, Ph.D.Assistant Professor, Biostatisticstumor heterogeneity problems based on gen sequencing data, gene-environment interaction, case control studies and sampling designs, hierarchical Bayesian and longitudinal dyadic data
Basic Science, Rm 255
Ruzong Fan, Ph.D. Professor, Biostatistics statistical and mathematical analysis of complex genetic and genomic data, biological architecture of complex
Building D, Rm 103
Hongbin Fang, Ph.D.Associate Professor, Biostatistics statistical design and analysis of laboratory, translational, clinical, and epidemiological studies in cancer research
Basic Science, Rm 205
Edmund Gehan, Ph.D.Professor Emerituscancer research projects, biostatistical methodology, survival analysis, and prognostic factor
Valeriy Korostyshevskiy, Ph.D.Associate Professor, Biostatistics

Director of Graduate Studies
nonlinear differential equations applied to metabolic pathway analysis, biomedical image analysis, robust computation for big data
Building D, Ste 180
James Li, Ph.D.Associate Professor, Biostatistics computational methods on high-throughput “Omics” data, privacy-preserving data mining in healthcare informatics, ontology-based biomedical database integration & knowledge management, cloud computing, and workflow
Building D, Ste 180
George Luta, Ph.D.Professor, Biostatistics development of empirical likelihood-based statistical methods for the analysis of data from clinical trials and observational
Building D, Rm 182
Kepher Makambi, Ph.D.Associate Professor, Biostatistics meta-analysis, adaptive design methods in clinical trials, structural equation modeling, and statistical methods in
Building D, Ste 180
Ming Tan, Ph.D.Professor, Biostatistics

Chair &
Director of Ph.D. Graduate Studies
statistical methods for searching and evaluating multi-drug combinations utilizing both experimental data and system biology, innovative methods to optimally design and efficiently analyze pre-clinical drug combination therapies in cancer by integrating concepts in modern statistical and number-theoretic methods and pharmacology; and high dimensional genomics data analysis in Cancer
Building D, Ste 180
Hongkun Wang, Ph.D.Associate Professor, Biostatisticssurvival analysis, quality-adjusted lifetime analysis with censored data, cost-effectiveness analysis with censored data, and design and analysis of clinical trials
Building D, Rm 397
Ao Yuan, Ph.D.Associate Professor, Biostatistics clinical trials, biostatistics, functional data, statistical genetics, non-and-parametric inference, and Bayesian inference; subgroup and sub-regional analysis in clinical trial study, functional data analysis, and integrative analysis of genomics
Research, Rm W210

Faculty (Secondary Appointment)

FacultyTitleResearch InterestsContact
Robert A. Beckman, M.D.Professor, Oncologydeveloping cancer therapies and to improve the way cancer therapies are developed and deployed in patients, with emphasis on personalized medicine, tumor heterogeneity, and tumor
2115 Wisconsin
Simina M. Boca, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, ICBI development of methods and tools for the analysis of “omics” data, including genomics and metabolomics, especially as they relate to cancer; cancer epidemiology and population
2115 Wisconsin
Chiranjeev Dash, Ph.D.Associate Professor, Oncologydesign, implementation, and analysis of epidemiologic studies; molecular epidemiology and cancer prevention and control in minorities and underserved
Research building
Anca Dragomir, Ph.D.Associate Professor, Oncologyepidemiology of colorectal and other gastrointestinal cancers, and also environmental exposures related to childhood
2115 Wisconsin, Ste 4100
Ophir Frieder, Ph.D.Professor, Computer Science and Information Processing information retrieval, medical informatics, & communication systems
St. Mary’s Hall
Christopher A. Loffredo, Ph.D.Professor, Oncology environmental and genetic causes of cancer and birth defects, and especially on the roles that genetics play in mediating the risks from environmental chemical exposures; research spans liver, bladder, and lung cancer in relation to chronic infections such as HCV, and environmental factors such as smoking and secondhand
Research, Rm W503
Rochelle E. Tractenberg, Ph.D.Professor, Neurology statistical methodology and statistical literacy for effective stewardship of the discipline in PhD students/holders; higher education curriculum building and evaluation; neuropsychological assessment; the development and benchmarking of outcomes; experimental design; and longitudinal (latent variable) analytic methods
Building D, Rm 291
Michael W. Plankey, Ph.D.Professor, Medicine methodological approaches to analyze complex longitudinal data related to the syndemic production of social, psychological and behavioral risk factors and HIV health outcomes among sexual minority and race/ethnicity minority men and
2115 Wisconsin

Faculty (Adjunct)

Aiyi Liu, Ph.D.GUMC Adjunct,
Semhar Ogbagaber, Ph.D. GUMC Adjunct, Assistant Professor
Lockwood G. Taylor, Ph.D.GUMC Adjunct, Assistant
Colin O. Wu, Ph.D.GUMC Adjunct,