Biomedical High Performance Computing Services

This section of our service provides computational support for biologically related research disciplines. By integrating high- performance computing into current research, we facilitate leading-edge research and help investigators to become more computationally competitive in a broad spectrum of research applications. We are equipped with multiple Linux based high performance servers with 32 CPU cores/threads and 128~ 384 GBs RAMfor high throughput parallel computation, mass storage for database and data mining application. A variety of popular licensed bioinformatics and genomics software packages and tools are also available, e.g., Qiagen Ingenuity, Partek Genomics Suite, Ariadne Pathway Studio, Integromics StatMiner, etc.

Furthermore, we provide web-based database application design and implementation, for example, web based randomizations. We also provide in-depth consultation on design, development, deployment, implementation and maintenance on Web-based database applications. Popular systems and tool packages are available including Oracle, MySQL database management systems, Java Web Start techniques, and integrating the database application and the state-of-art statistics method and/or algorithms, e.g., LASSO.