Statistical and Bioinformatics Design and Analysis Services and Tools

Our statistical and bioinformatics consulting and collaboration cover a broad range of study design, statistical analysis and data science issues including experimental design for preclinical investigations, clinical trials, population studies, and Big Data analytics (e.g., predictive and risk modeling, and  statistical analysis of next generation sequence data and omics data). We are also actively involved in statistical and bioinformatics methods research and development projects and can collaborate with you in writing and implementing competitive project proposals involving methodological and software development. We operate under both collaborative and fee-for-service models, and are happy to work with investigators to find a solution that fits their needs and budget.

Prior to experiments, we will meet with you to discuss the types of analysis and support that our statistical and bioinformatics expertise can provide to help you design experiments. We can help with grant proposals to incorporate statistical and computational biology methods or techniques to analyze your experiment data in your research plan. We will also prepare letters of support for your proposal. 

For more information about our consulting services and collaboration, visit our Consulting and Service Contact page.