Faculty attend 2018 ICSA Conference with Focus on Data Science in Qingdao, China

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(July 30, 2018) – In July, several faculty members were invited speakers at the 2018 International Chinese Statistical Association (ICSA) Conference with Focus on Data Science in Qingdao, China. 

In the “Statistical Methods for Computational and Systems Biology” session, Hongbin Fang, Ph.D presented on “Predicting Multi-drug Inhibition Interactions Based on Signaling Networks and Single Dose-Response Information”. In addition, Ao Yuan, Ph.D presented on “Testing for Multiple Mean and Correlation Curves with Functional Data and Applications to Temporal Gene Expressions.” 

In the “Subgroup Analysis and Adaptive Designs in Clinical Trials” session, Ming Tan, Ph.D. presented on “Robust Estimate of Regional Rx Effects in Multi-regional Trials.”