2018 Biostatistics Orientation

Incoming MS & Ph.D. students, faculty and staff at 2018 Department Orientation.
Incoming MS & Ph.D. students, faculty and staff at the Department Orientation in Fall 2018

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(August 31, 2018) – In August, faculty and staff welcomed 35 new incoming students at the Department Orientation.  Specifically, 31 MS students, 3 Ph.D. students, and 1 Certificate student will start their respective programs this Fall 2018.   

The Department of Biostatistics, Bioinformatics and Biomathematics (DBBB) and it’s graduate programs continue to grow strong as our MS Program in Biostatistics enters it’s 12th year and our Ph.D. Program in Biostatistics enters it’s 2nd year.  

We wish our incoming and returning students a successful start to the 2018-2019 academic year at Georgetown!

MS Program in Biostatistics Enters It’s 12th Year

Incoming 2018 MS students
Incoming 2018 MS students

Ph.D. Program in Biostatistics Enters It’s 2nd Year

Incoming 2018 Ph.D. students
Incoming 2018 Ph.D. students (Xiaoyang Ma, Anqi Yin & Haiou Li)