Kepher Makambi, Ph.D. visits Machakos University

Dr. Kepher Makambi with fellow participants at the Seminar on Statistics.
Dr. Kepher Makambi (6th from right) poses with fellow participants at the Seminar on Statistics.

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(June 30, 2018) – In June 2018, Kepher Makambi, Ph.D. was an invited guest speaker at the Machakos University Seminar on Statistics in Kenya. 

Dr. Makambi’s presentation was titled “Statistics and the Role of Statisticians in Interdisciplinary Collaborative Research.”  It focused on the role of statisticians in terms of potential contribution to collaborative interdisciplinary research, with special attention to the evolution of this role in light of the fast changes in computational and statistical methodology, funding agencies’ requirements, and the advent of BIG DATA. 

In addition, Dr. Makambi was invited to give a separate presentation on “Getting Published in Refereed/Peer-Reviewed Journals” and teach an “R/R Studio Workshop” at Machakos University.